Janasena Chief Pawan Kalyan’s Take On TRS Win


The star turned Politician Pawan Kalyan congratulated the Pink party and its Chief KCR on the stupendous victory in the snap polls of Telangana. Indirectly showcasing his admiration towards the TRS party, Pawan Kalyan released a Press note to the media regarding this matter.Janasena is considered as a friendly ally to the TRS even though it didn’t declare its support to the TRS in the snap polls. Pawan’s friendly relations with KCR and KTR along with the prior praising KCR’s ruling in the recent times explains us everything. As Pawan gave free hand to his followers, many of them supported TRS and contributed a decent vote share.

Now it is the Janasena Chief’s turn to express his happiness on KCR’s victory. In the released Press meet, Pawan congratulated KCR and his party TRS for their homogenous win over such strong Opposition. Now that the people voted for TRS, Pawan stated his confidence on the Pink camp that they serve the people of the newest State with more welfare schemes and programmes.Here, Pawan interestingly declared that KCR made many sacrifices in getting the Separate Telangana to save his people from oppression. On the ending note, Pawan specially mentioned Harish Rao’s landslide victory with one lakh and twenty thousand votes majority which is a record.


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