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Tarak Serious on his Antagonists

Tarak Serious on his Antagonists

Young Tiger NTR’s ‘Jai Lava Kusa’ released last week attracted a huge audience and became successful. He made triple characters in the movie for the first time. Trade sectors are expecting that the movie collects the highest grossing in NTR’s career. This movie collected gross 75 crores in the first three days. The trade sectors evolving the news that the movie collects 60 crores share in the first week. Nandamuri fans are eagerly waiting for the film to get the 100 crore share for the film to enter into the top category. The movie unit members are happy to be a part of the movie Jai Lava Kusa that stood up in record-breaking collections.

The movie unit conducted a success meet in regards to the audience that made the movie a blockbuster. At this occasion, NTR thanked the audience for making the movie such a big success. He also said that he did not expect this range of success for the movie and also thank each and every individual for the movie success. Even though Jai Lava Kusa movie entertains all range of audience, some of them criticised the movie. He says that he doesn’t want to talk about those people who don’t like the movie.

Some people gave bad reviews to this film and also rated low saying the movie is lack of story with NTR three characters. Some reviewers have also been criticized for not having seen anyone except NTR in the film. Some news channels have also been reviewed that it’s hard to be impressive for the ordinary audience. But the audience encouraged the movie ignoring the reviews. The film unit members say that the film is going to be grossing over 100 crores in the first week itself.

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