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HomelatestAll Eyes On Tomorrow’s Politics In AP: YSRCP Vs TDP’s Protest

All Eyes On Tomorrow’s Politics In AP: YSRCP Vs TDP’s Protest

TDP And YSRCP MPs Protest In Lok Sabha On Tomorrow

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The TDP which is fumbling to counter Ysrcp has got one good move. On the other hand, Ys Jagan, the Chief of Opposition has written a brilliant plan to execute and defeat TDP.Going into the details, the TDP which is craving to get the attention of voters has announced a protest. Called as One Day fasting, the party along with its followers are going to sit to fast for a complete day. Touted to be his birthday tomorrow, CBN cleverly picked this date to win the contest in people’s ground.

YCP which is already ahead of winning people’s trust is all set to not only counter TDP but also writing a new example in the history of AP Politics. If TDP tries its best to get attention, then as per the direction of their Chief Jagan, as many as YSRCP MLA will have a mass resign in front of media as a sign of their protest. This act will fetch enormous buzz to the ongoing politics of AP by all means. Resignations will counter TDP which in turn attracts the Nation’s attention towards them. Jagan is rumored to be reading more than 40 MLAs for this mass resignations and re-elections are not possible as many of these MLAs have a remaining term of less than one year.

Now that YCP Gaining mileage with MPs fasting and tomorrow’s speculated resignations, It will emerge as the best choice of voters in AP who are vexed with the TDP Government. Also the rumor of Janasena helping YCP if proven true, then Jagan will be the CM of AP at any cost. Let us wait one more day and see the new developments in Andhra Pradesh which desperately wants Special Category Status.

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