TDP-Congress To Work Together In Telangana For 2019?

TDP Congress To Work Together In Telangana For 2019

Ever since the firebrand leader Revanth Reddy shifted his loyalties from T-TDP to T-Congress, there have been heavily speculated regarding a tie-up of both these parties. Updated information from the sources belong to these two parties just strengthened up these speculations.The party TRS seemed to be a Monopoly as its main Opposition Congress and other parties like BJP and TDP appeared weak in Telangana. TRS which is very confident on its win on 2019 elections is targeting only BJP to limit it to single digit seat. On the other side, some TRS leaders started luring MLAs from TDP and Congress with nominated seats.

In this situation, the TDP and Congress camps are thinking to join hands to counter TRS. Already some senior leaders of TDP are pressuring Babu to make an alliance with TPCC for winning more seats than going solo. Nowthe ex-MP of Khammam Nama Nageswara Rao declared that their survey about alliance yielded positive results as both the cadres are looking forward to working with each other. Coming to the party heads, CBN is always ready to shake hands with his rivals if they support him to get into power so it won’t be a problem.In this regard, the Political analysts declare that the TPCC and T-TDP alliance has fewer chances to win the elections even though they join hands. According to them, this alliance will get 10-20 more seats than usual and will decrease the constituencies to TRS but it is not possible to win over TRS.


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