Trailer C/O Kancharapalem @Suresh Productions



The real experience is coming as a film. Although, many films came with real stories and once again a film with real story i.e. C/O Kancharapalem. This film selected for New York Indian Film Festival for screening and it is the first Telugu movie got this honor. A person’s experience turned as a film and his perceptions, thoughts, and lives of some people made up as a film.


We know that Rana after a long time shows his will to present this C/O Kanacharapalem after Bommalata movie. Now, this film is presented by Suresh Productions so expectations on the movie raised. And, Venkatesh Maha makes his debut with this movie. A New York cardiologist Praveena Paruchuri is the producer of this film. The teaser out now.


“The big small film of the year”, Is it a film or real..! It is looking like a raw and realistic film. C/O Kancharapalem open its first gate. With deadly general talks, the trailer is a really natural flick. The experienced story of a person in the Kancharapalem region is reflected in this trailer and will be shown in the film also. Definitely, it creates a separate status itself in Telugu film history. Although may it gives the love mood to audiences what Rana has said through his tweets earlier.


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