Sunday, September 26, 2021
HomelatestEC’s crucial verdict on One Nation One Poll

EC’s crucial verdict on One Nation One Poll

On contrary to all the trails of the Central Government to have a joint polling in all the States at a time, the Election Commision of India declared its final verdict the other day.

One Nation One Poll

The concept of One Nation One Poll even though it came into the picture in the past by the same BJP Government, its importance gained in the happened a couple of days. The BJP heads like Modi and Amit Shah are very desperate to have single polls to minimize the influence of results against their party. However, the Chief Election Commissioner of India ruled out the One Nation One Poll completely. According to him, the Commission is happy to conduct polls to each and every individual state after finishing their respective Assembly terms but having a joint polling is a completely different task. The Chief of EC of India, O P Rawat the other day declared that a constitutional amendment is needed and necessary to have a joint poll.

EC’s crucial verdict

He listed out various practical reasons like gathering the voter’s list of each and every state, giving the backup of Police to all the states at a time etc. Getting an amendment from the constitution will not be a difficult task for the BJP Government being in Power but the other reasons should be taken into account. This is a huge blow to the BJP bigwigs who are preparing themselves for the joint poll of fifteen States including the two Telugu States.

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