Pawan Kalyan compares himself with the NTR

Pawan Kalyan compares himself with the NTR

The Janasena Chief Pawan Kalyan in his West Godavari tour has reached the town of Tadepalligudem yesterday. As usual, along with his party’s unique schemes, he took his time to sling mud on his ex-alliance partners of TDP.

Pawan Kalyan Pawan Kalyan this time intensified his attack on the TDP camp. Without calling names, he pointed out at some Ministers of TDP and alleged them of various corruptions like never before. From Sand Mafia to exporting Rice from AP to Africa via Kakinada Port, Janasenani stated that he was backstabbed by TDP Government along with the people for supporting them. This powerful leader claimed that he is as sincere as the Telugu legend NTR in Politics but unlike NTR, he will not leave the culprits when he gets backstabbed by them. Pawan declares that he is not as good as NTR to excuse the evil and he will make sure that the culprits pay price to their bad deeds. Janasenani opened up about the KG basin issue in the coast of East Godavari and declared that Telugu people have every right on the basin to extract oil apart from Central Government and Private companies who are operating their oil extractions,

Pawan Kalyan and ntr

The followers of Janasena are listing out the local problems in each and every constituencies for their Chief. All these shall be included in their manifestos which are unique for each and every constituency of AP. Pawan is expected to participate in the celebrations of Independence Day in West Godavari today along with his party leaders and followers.


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