We get As Many As 106 Seats In 2019: Declares KCR


Telangana 106 Seats In 2019 General Elections Declares KCR

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The Chief Minister of Telangana, KCR in his recent speech has countered his rivals with his mark speech. Despite going to verbal war, he foretold the future of his party TRS and its results in 2019 General elections which perplexed his competitors.

KCR has arranged a special meet for his TRS party leaders and workers on Sunday. In this meeting, he has nominated three members from TRS for Rajya Sabha. They are Santosh Kumar who is a relative of KCR and his close aid as well, B Prakash Mudiraj who represents Mudiraj community and B Lingaiah Yadav for representing whole Yadav Community. After announcing the names, he shared the results of his surveys with his party workers to fill their hearts with hope and joy. KCR declared that his party TRS will surely win 106 Assembly seats in Telangana. He backed his statement by claiming that he is declaring these numbers after conducting three secret surveys across the state. Also, he cheered up his sitting MLAs by assuring them that they will be getting party tickets for 2019.

Along with these revelations, he asked all his party leaders to stay far from crime and illegal activities in order to stay clean. Also, KCR ordered them to work hard to develop their individual constituencies to make the state of Telangana stand top in India.

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