Its Official: CM Ramesh got nominated to Rajya Sabha yet again

TDP Nominates CM Ramesh to Rajya Sabha yet again

TDP Nominates CM Ramesh to Rajya Sabha yet again

Posted March 12, 2018, 4:39 pm at 16:39

In what may call as pure luck, the Sitting MP of TDP in Rajya Sabha, CM Ramesh who recently resigned from Modi’s camp has been nominated for the second time. Let us see TDP’s final nomination details in this context.

Following the rupture between two alliance partners TDP and BJP, the AP CM Chandrababu Naidu made his two MPS to resign from Rajya Sabha. Soon after this, he put three of his party members to nominate to Rajya Sabha for its elections which is going to be held on 23rd March. After having some discussions, CBN has cut down his nominated MPs from three to two due to his issues with the Centre. The two nominated MPs are businessman turned TDP MP CM Ramesh and K Ravindra Kumar. In these two, CM Ramesh is said to be the luckiest MP to get nominated to Rajya Sabha consecutively.

Normally there will be a huge pressure and competition among the leaders of any party. But the TDP Chief made it very clear that he would nominate CM Ramesh at any cost. After a detailed inquiry, it came to know that a big media Mughal of Telugu land who shares a great rapport with CBN played a crucial part in this nomination. There are many leaders quite experienced than Ramesh in TDP but the luck favored him at the last moment.

As the nominations have finished, it is almost unanimous in AP that these two would become MPs representing AP TDP in Rajya Sabha. However, Varla Ramaiah got disappointed with this nominations as he thought his name would be cent percent guaranteed in the nominations.

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