Forget KCR Federal Front, There Exists A Front Against Him

Telangana Cm kcr forgot about federal front

The Telangana CM KCR is working restlessly to develop schemes to attract his Telangana voters in order to regain power. On the flip side, the Opposition parties are looking forward to working together to remove him from the power.Post the unmatchable success of TRS in Telangana, CM KCR who got appraisals for the way he leads the Telangana movement got criticised for not fulfilling promises. Especially the unemployed and the farmers went against him for not providing jobs and waving loans. In that time, the Telangana Joint Action Committee Chairman Prof Kodandaram who turned against the Telangana CM floated a party caller T-JAS party.

After launching, he went silent for many months not knowing how to counter incredible schemes of KCR. Now the same party is looking forward to forming a political front with other parties like CPI, CPM etc. The other day, the CPI Telangana secretary Chada Venkat Reddy declared that his party along with Kodandaram’s TJS is looking forward to joining hands with the Congress wing of Telangana. In this regard, the TRS Chief would be readying his allies like BJP and MIM to counter this front.

The only party is the T-TDP and it is likely to join hands with the Congress due to the firebrand leader Revanth who shifted his loyalty from TDP to Congress recently. There were rumors behind his actions as he has a purpose to do so.If this is the case, then KCR who is very furious on the Central party BJP have to step back and ask for a possible alliance. Adding more to this, he needs BJP’s support to get all the promises fulfilled from the center. One has to wait and see how these political fronts finally emerge prior to the elections.


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