YSRCP And Janasena Alliance Speculations Yet Again

YSRCP And Janasena Alliance Speculations Yet Again

The two rival parties of TDP, Janasena, and YSRCP are rumored to be joining hands in the upcoming elections of AP. This time, these speculations get certified by a YSRCP leader to push them towards strong belief.Even though the Janasenani and Jagan both declared that they are going to compete individually in 2019 elections, the speculations have no end in these days. The reason is nothing but the splitting of votes between YSRCP and Janasena which benefit the TDP. None other than the former YSRCP MP Vara Prasad who gets approved for his resignations from the Speaker declared to the media.

According to him, the Janasena Chief who got vexed with CBN is looking forward to team up with their boss Jagan only to fight for the benefits of the state. He went on saying that the two parties can unitedly dethrone Babu and save the state from the crisis.If at all his comments are true as per his supreme’s plans, then the two parties have to face internal fights between them in every constitution.

One big relaxation for Jagan is if he includes Janasena into his alliance, Pawan would not be a contender for his loving CM seat so that he would not mind giving a couple of MP seats and double-digit MLA seats to the Janasenani. But the million dollars question is will Pawan accept to fight together with YSRCP. The ardent followers of Janasena declare that Pawan would love to fight solo at any cost. Already the candidates have been selected for more than 50 constituencies and will officially release the list for the entire state.


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