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HomelatestKarunanidhi Fails To Recognize TS CM KCR

Karunanidhi Fails To Recognize TS CM KCR

Telangana CM KCR Meet Karunanidhi In Chennai

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Usually, political leaders and film celebrities enjoy a huge fan following in their respective states. Few of them even enjoy the ‘National Celebrity’ status. But when these leaders and film actors go abroad for shooting, or for any other purpose, they are hardly recognized. Until and unless you are some PM, or Amitabh Bachchan, people usually don’t notice you in abroad.

But shockingly, Telangana CM KCR had one such bitter experience. What’s more shocking is that it happened during his official tour in Tamil Nadu. The Telangana CM who is one his Tamil Nadu tour, trying to gather support for his ‘Federal Front’, went and met former Tamil Nadu CM, Karunanidhi.

The former Chief Minister has been suffering from various ailments and is under complete observation. He has even lost his memory. Karunanidhi’s son and DMK president Stalin tried to introduce KCR to Karunanidhi. But the 93-year-old failed to recognize. After the operation to his windpipe, Karunanidhi has not been able to talk.Later in the day, after visiting Karunanidhi, KCR met Kanimozhli and explained about the Federal Front proposal to key DMK leaders.

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