Tollywood vs Telugu News Channels


Tollywood vs Telugu News Channels

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In the latest development, the Chief Editors of Mahaa News, TV5, ABN, and TV9 came together to take a decision on the Tollywood film industry. The development comes in the light of Tollywood Film Chamber announcing the ban on the aforementioned four news channels. Condemning Tollywood Film Industry’s decision, the media sections have stood united.

Speaking at the Hyderabad Press Club, a senior media personnel said, ‘we severely condemn the criticism towards the media personnel by the film industry bigwigs. They are creating a new controversy to sidetrack the Casting Couch issue.

It is nothing but hypocrisy on their part to pass allegations on the media without solving the problems of female artists in the industry. I would like to ask a simple question. Are they from the film industry? Or, are they caste leaders? They have to clarify this first’.

‘By attacking the media, and making baseless allegations, they once again exposed their shallow minds. If they intend to control the media, just because they want to escape from the Casting Couch allegations, and other allegations on them, they should be prepared to face dire consequences’, said a senior journalist from TV9 in the press club meeting.The electronic media journalists have comes to a consensus and made an agreement in this regard.

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