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If Hung Arises, We Will Call For Fresh Elections – JDS Kumara Swamy

JDS Kumara Swamy Call For Fresh Elections

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JDS Party President Kumara Swamy made stark comments on the results of the Karnataka Assembly elections. Talking to the press in JDS party office, Kumara Swamy said, ‘if there arises a situation where a hung government is inevitable, we will not extend our support to anyone.

Rather, we will call for fresh elections once again. JDS will not go in alliance with BJP, nor Congress. As a party, we have made a lot of promises to the people of this state. If we go into alliance wither either BJP or Congress, we will not able to fulfill them.

We strongly believe that the people are with us. Congress is our main competition. In north Karnataka, we are having a tug-of-war with Congress and BJP in around 60 assembly constituencies. Out of the 224 assembly seats, we are only concentrating on 150 to 160 seats. We are working our ways to win in those constituencies.

It is because of our support in the past, BJP has managed to strengthen its cadre in the state’.Responding to JDS alliance with BSP, Kumara Swamy felt that, the 3% vote bank of BSP will be favoring us in the elections.

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