KCR Special Interest On VFN Scam Case: CBN In Tension?


Telangana CM Special Enquiry About Vote For Note

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The infamous issue of Vote for Note case in Telangana haunted Babu for nearly five months post the general elections of 2014. After all these years, KCR’s special enquiry is shaking the Yellow fortress to the core. It all happened when the former TDP firebrand and now Congress leader Revanth Reddy tried to lure some MLAs of Telangana to get their votes for notes. This case became famous when the visuals of Revanth and the audio call of Chandrababu Naidu caught to the media.

KCR was alleged by CBN that KCR made his government to tap his phone calls and filed a counter case against the TRS Government. Since a couple of days, this case is revived when the CM of Telangana KCR asked the CBI to have a deep probe into the case. Both the parties filed in the CBI court and the Justice directed CBN to file counters. Whatever might be the judgment, KCR will have his own influence, in this case, being the Chief Minister of Telangana.

There are speculations that KCR is trying to book CBN as Accused One in this case as his voice was crystal clear. Quashing the allegations of Babu that his voice was misused and attached with graphics, the forensic laboratory tests proved that everything on those tapes is original. All are curious whether KCR is trying to book Babu or save him. Political analysts say that KCR might not make CBN arrested but he can use them to use Babu in Politics. Maybe he will ask CBN to support him in Federal Front with all his MLAs and MPs in the parliamentary elections of 2019.

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