CBN Wins Over Oppositions With His Unique Move:


Chandrababu Naidu Counter To Opposition Leaders

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The senior most Politician of Andhra Pradesh Chandrababu Naidu has shown his experience yet again to counter his Opposition. His recent rally has not only won accolades but sent a strong message to his rivals. The sensational case of a 9 years old minor rape case in Dachepalli shook the two Telugu States. Within no time, the Government lead by CBN took action and found the culprit Subbaiah.

Even though the culprit was found hung by committing suicide, the people are in a thought that the Police found him and made him to that all by himself. Whatever might be the case, the CBN Government is getting all the much-needed applause from the corner quarters of AP. His rivals YSRCP tried to politicise this issue but it backfired on them. CBN did a great damage to YSRCP by maintaining his silence on their anti Government comments. The other day, he went further and participated in the ‘Adabiddaku Andaya Kaduludam’ rally and gave a stunning warning to all who try to mistreat girl children and women.

He declared that his Government will not tolerate violence against women. This really gave TDP a huge boost such that YSRCP despite protesting in Dachepalli for Political gain didn’t conduct any rally in the State. Also, the other rival Janasenani also limited himself to his Twitter without meeting the victim’s family. Here, CBN is certainly standing ahead of YS Jagan and Pawan Kalyan in Dachepalli issue.

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