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Telangana Polls Dates Are Confirmed

The Election Commission is thinking about conducting the Telangana state Assembly decisions between November 21 and 26, with November 24 being the probable date.After series of huge complaints by political meetings about anomalies in the voter lists, the Election Commission of India is relied upon to send review teams to lead an administrative review of electoral rolls, and also poling stations and capacity of electronic voting machines and Voter-Verified Paper Audit trails. Then again, the EC also said that they would release the last voter list by October 8 in the wake of dealing with every one of the inconsistencies in the voter list. It additionally said that they would send a review group to confirm the voters in the list after the arrival of the last list.

Election Commission of India

In the wake of leading the review in different states like Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh and Mizoram which are going for the polls in November, the EC would send the audit teams to Telangana before long to direct the exercises like preparing of stall level officers, checking the poling stations, stockpiling of EVMs et cetera.The command of these review groups is to distinguish particular cases of non-adherence of ECI rules and lawful arrangements and tail it up by healing activity. Earlier congress leaders filed a case in supreme court over 70 lakshs voters and Duplicate voters list in the state.

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