Telugu Makers Struggles Affording Nayanthara and Trisha


Despite their age, actresses Nayanthara and Trisha continue to command immense popularity and are in high demand across the Indian film industry. Their star power has secured them roles in major projects alongside renowned actors in Kollywood. However, their sizable remuneration demands have posed a challenge for Telugu filmmakers, who are struggling to fit their fees into their production budgets.

In contrast to the usual career trajectory of actresses facing a decline in offers as they age, Nayanthara and Trisha have defied expectations by maintaining their top-tier status and securing lucrative roles in Pan-India films. Their popularity has attracted the attention of Telugu filmmakers, but their remuneration expectations, reportedly exceeding ₹10 crore per film, have proven to be a stumbling block.

The unwillingness of Nayanthara and Trisha to compromise on their remuneration has caused Telugu filmmakers to step back from pursuing them for projects. Trisha’s recent appearances in Thalapathy Vijay’s “Leo” and Nayanthara’s role in Shah Rukh Khan’s “Jawan” further demonstrate their enduring appeal and the substantial offers they command.

The ongoing dilemma between Telugu filmmakers and the star actresses highlights the changing dynamics of the Indian film industry, where actresses are asserting their value and demanding fair compensation for their talent and popularity.


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