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Thanu Shree Dhatt Serious Allegation On Bollywood Director

Tanushree Dutta Who made some serious allegations on Nana Patekar for sexually harassing her on the sets of a film in 2008. The actress also to be a flag bearer of Mee too moment in the Bollywood industry. Recently a few Bollywood actresses raise their voice against Casting Couch in the Industry. In spite of the fact that the actress revealed she had encountered horrific incidents for the first time in her career, She also shares there were some incidents of sexual harassment to her. Thanu Shree made some serious allegations on Bollywood director Vivek Agnihotri, she revealed he asked me to give cues to actor Imran Khan.

my shot but Irrfan Khan's clos

It was not even my shot but Irrfan Khan’s close up. I Was not even going to be in the shot. That is Imran Khan shot where Imran need to give some expressions to just look at something. Later, Vivek Agnihotri told jao jaake kapde uthar ke nacho, usko cues do. Offended by this word, Imran Khan hit backs to the director by saying that I Don’t need to take off her coat and dance for me to give facial expression. Thanu Shree praised Irfan khan by saying, He is such a gentleman and I never faced any problems from him. Even Sunil Shetty also presented in that situation, he heard that and got offended by it. He was like Should I come here to give clues. There were a few nice people in the industry. I Request Irfan and Sunil open about this issue, she concluded.

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