Dallas, The Big Political Hub Of Telugu Politics Abroad

Pawan Kalyan

The US is considered to be the next home for maximum NRIs who are living outside India. Among them, the Telugus from the two Telugu States comprises about a quarter percent of total Indians living there in the US. Now they are making their presence by showcasing their interests even on the foreign soil. Their interests have now gone big from Cinema to Politics and among all the places in the US, Dallas for its high density of Telugu people became the Political hub of AP and Telangana Politics.If we look deep at the latest developments in the Dallas of the US, all the existing Political parties of AP and Telangana have been extending their party offices. It all started with the TDP’s Political meets which are quite common among the NRIs where the TDP head CBN himself grace the meetings.

Now the new party of AP, Janasena showcased its power with the recently held Pravasa Sabha hosted by the Chief Pawan Kalyan himself. This meeting garnered the Public and Media’s attention as the Janasainikas did a roaring rally in the middle of Dallas. Also, the Opposition party YSRCP leaders organized the birthday celebrations of their Chief Jagan a couple of times. Coming to the Telangana, the TRS fans and supporters celebrated the second time CM KCR’s oath-taking ceremony in the same Dallas.This trend seemed to continue and one day, Dallas would have party offices of all the existing parties of AP and Telangana.


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