Friday, October 22, 2021
HomelatestSuri’s Wife Declares Bhanu As Paritala’s Covert

Suri’s Wife Declares Bhanu As Paritala’s Covert

The sensational case of Maddelacheruvu Suri’s brutal murder by his so-called close aid Bhanu ended up with the lifetime imprisonment of the culprit. None other than the victim’s wife Maddelacheruvu Bhanumathi responded on this verdict. Expressing her happiness, Bhanumathi stated that the justice has been served perfectly so that his husband’s soul can rest in peace with Bhanu’s arrest.Clarifying on Bhanu’s behaviour, Bhanumathi stated that her husband met Bhanu when he was in the Jail but not from ages. Since then, Bhanu won the confidence of Suri and within no time, he became a close aide to this accused one on Paritala Ravi’s murder.

The wife of the victim confessed that had if they have any clue of the plan, they would have had sacked Bhanu from their camp but the latter was successful in winning their trust. Bhanumathi finally blamed the Paritala’s camp by terming them as the main culprits behind her husband’s murder. According to her, Bhanu has no rivalry with Suri but he killed Suri only for the sake of money offered by Paritala’s family to seek the revenge. Declaring Bhanu as a cold-blooded criminal who can kill someone for just a ten thousand rupees, she felt that such criminals should be put behind the bars than being in the society. Whatever and whoever might be the real villains and victims, all are expecting this rivalry has ended with Bhanu’s arrest.

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