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The challenges of Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence is a computer-based program which performs work automatically as a human with human intelligence and without human concern. Employees at companies are not trained to do a specific job but also to understand the rules, policies, and privacy of the company but AI needs to be trained in a way not only to do a work but also to act as a responsible employee or co-worker and represent the company.

Artificial intelligence is making many decisions in the different industry in today’s world and also will do in the future which can have the very high impact on business or in the worlds. For examples: vehicles are been automated. They can be involved in the accidents which can cause injury or damage like human drivers. But when human drivers make accidents there may be reasons for accidents human can make the fault and we can blame for human drivers but this may not be possible in Artificial intelligence some top-level organization like forward-looking organization are leading their way in this artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence is no means of human and so no mean we can treat it as a program. In fact, creating Artificial intelligence should be viewed more like raising a child than a programming application. Because artificial intelligence can be grown to a point where it can have an influence as the people wanted to use it.

The issues that arise when people are discussing the use of Artificial intelligence is how to ensure the decisions based on Artificial intelligence. The number of companies has started implementing artificial intelligence programs and understand that a full implementation comes in all aspects of a business. The development of this artificial intelligence has made transformational changes that have changed the way of business.


It supports not only outlays for software and costs for cloud support but the ongoing costs for training employees and continue training of Artificial intelligence system when business process change.

Many technology options:

It is hard to choose the technology which has potential choices and select the best technology for our business path.


Any changes can be viewed with the suspicious organizations as if I had an employee whose main job is to generate weekly reports which the system can be done instantly. Because no one really analyses the data you may find that in the market and few promotions will not work commonly as it is believed.

With these challenges, it is also important to keep the team more focused on the long-term goals and benefits of artificial intelligence can deliver. As with all the development changes, clear and open communications will keep the team together, engaged and maintain management support. Companies also should understand that a retraining program will be valuable for those personally affected by the business process challenges. Artificial intelligence helps in the ability to change the organization, improve working efficiency, increase in profits and create good customer relationships. The implementation can be difficult but at last, it is most profitable.

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