I announced That Movie Overnight With Anger On Dil Raju – Sukumar


The Reason Behind Sukumar And Dil Raju Fight

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Many consider director Sukumar as a composed individual. But the director says that an incident in his life has brought that dimension to his life. Talking to a news channel, Sukumar went on to share some interesting aspects of his life.

Talking about dramatic events in his life, Sukumar spoke about what lead him to take ‘Jagadam’ movie with hero Ram. ‘I wanted to make Jagadam movie with Allu Arjun, after Arya. But after a dispute between me and Dil Raju took place, in a fit of anger I announced the movie with hero Ram.Initially, I had Allu Arjun or Mahesh Babu in mind while writing the script. And I wanted to cast Ram in their brother’s role. Finally, Ram turned out to be the main hero, and his brother’s role got diminished.

After I invited Dil Raju and Bunny for ‘Jagadam’ movie launch, Dil Raju came and shouted at me. He asked me, have you gone nuts? What are you doing? I said I got angry. For which he scolded me. After the movie got flop, I understood my mistake’, said Sukumar.The director also shared that, he has done a mistake with ‘Nenokkadine’, as he failed to consider whether people from a rural background, will understand the movie or not.

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