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Uttej Reacts On Sri Reddy’s Topless Show!

Actor Uttej Gets Emotional On Sri Reddy Issues

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Famous character Actor, and story writer, Uttej made sensational comments on Sri Reddy, who is taking the Tollywood industry on a roller coaster ride. The infamous actress became an overnight star, thanks to her controversial interviews on YouTube and TV News channels.

After Sri Reddy went topless, everyone including media and Tollywood industry was shocked. Reacting to this, Uttej made some key statements. Talking to the press he said, ‘one has to be very patient to get a good break in the film industry. To be successful in this field, one needs to be talented, and at the same time lucky.We wanted to take care of Sri Reddy like our own. With her behavior from the past few days, she has lost that chance.

Sri Reddy might have got few more offers if she has acted in director Teja’s films. She has committed a grave mistake by choosing the wrong path.It is because she chooses a wrong path to enter into the film fraternity, she failed to get chances’.He further reinstated that, one needs a hint of luck along with the talent to be successful in the film industry.

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