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HomelatestYoung woman Thrashes Police Constable In Auto!

Young woman Thrashes Police Constable In Auto!

Young woman Thrashes Police Constable In Auto

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In a shocking incident, a 21-year-old woman thrashed a police constable in an auto. The incident took place in Rohtak City in the state of Haryana. Going into the details, the young woman got into an auto after attending her karate classes. On her way, a police constable named Yasin got into the auto. He started pestering her for her phone number, in the context of friendship.

Soon, he started touching her inappropriately. After holding her temper for a while, the girl started thrashing the constable. With her karate moves, she has beaten the hell of the police constable and took to the police station in the same auto.

Surprisingly, a lady police officer at the station refused to register the complaint, and instead tried to play down the issue requesting the girl not to complain on the police constable.

When the young woman took the issue to Rohtak SP, things changed dramatically. With immediate effect, the lady police officer has been transferred, and the police constable who misbehaved with the young woman has been suspended. Police filed the case, and the investigation is on.

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