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The three best tips on cricket betting strategy

It is important to have a good strategy when you bet online on any sport. When you have a good betting strategy you ensure that you always place good bets that you have spent time thinking about. There is nothing worse than the bets that just come impulsively to you, and it is rarely those bets that you win on. It is also important to have a good strategy when you bet on cricket, and with online cricket betting in india increasing in popularity the last couple of years, it has only grown even more important. Therefore we have made a guide for you with the three best tips on cricket betting strategy.

Consider the weather

If you are not used to betting on cricket, then you are probably not used to thinking about the weather before placing a bet. In most sports the weather has no real effect on a match. A football or rugby match will continue even when it starts raining. However, in cricket the weather has a huge impact on a match. If it starts raining even just a little bit, the match will be halted. This is very important to consider, because even though a team is winning in a match, the match will still end in a draw if the match cannot be continued in the following days due to the weather. So before you start to bet on cricket always check the weather report for wherever the match is set to be.

Explore different markets

Betting on cricket has become very popular the last couple of years, and this has also meant that there are a lot of different betting sites to choose from, when you want to place a bet on cricket. It is always a good idea to explore the different betting sites, before you settle down on one. The sites do not always offer the same odds, therefore, it can be very beneficial to look into which sites offer the best odds on cricket. It can even be a good idea to have accounts on multiple sites, since some sites may have better odds for some games than others. It can also be a good idea to look outside the box and not always place bets on the most popular wagers. As an example, if a very good team were to play a not so good team then the match betting odds would give very little on the good team and not very much on the not so good team. Here, it could be a good idea to think outside the box and place bets on the not so well-known wagers. 

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