Those heroines only want Young heroes!

Those heroines only want Young heroes

Those heroines only want Young heroes!

Posted December 29, 2017, 3:36 pm at 15:36

From the past few years, many new heroines have been introduced to the Tollywood film industry. Most of them are in their late teens or in early 20’s. It is heard that these new heroines are putting conditions before they sign for a film.

In the past, a heroine used to feel lucky if she cast beside a star hero. Current heroines are instead opting for young heroes and are ready to reject offers in star heroes film. The heroines are not giving a second look if the hero is struggling with back-to-back flops. One such incident came as a shocker to the whole film industry.

We all know that comedian-turned-hero Sunil is struggling to find a good break. He is currently starring in the film ‘2 Countries’, directed by Shankar. The film was released today. Speaking at a press meet, director Shankar said that, ‘It was really very difficult to find a heroine in the film. I approached many star heroines. They rejected the film after they came to know that Sunil is the hero. They are willing to act with young heroes.’

Even Balakrishna faced the same situation for his latest film ‘Jai Simha’. After many heroines rejected to act in the film, the director had no other choice except to cast hardly known faces like Natasha and Hari Priya.

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