Audience Demand To Ban Drug Accuse

Tollywood drug accuse

Drug Case Accuses must be banned

Around 10 prominent Tollywood personalities questions in the drugs case. They receive notices by the Special Investigation Team (SIT). Many persons from the Telugu film industry identifies having links with the drug racket. They issues notices to appear before the SIT at its office between July 19 and 27. They shouldn’t even leave hyderabad till the case comes to an end. Now, audience demands to ban Tollywood drug accuse.

Police officials are getting ready to interogate these celebrities. But the industry people demand to ban all these celebrities who are in Drug Racket Case. Furthermore, even audience doen’t want to encourage the celebrities any more. If the celebrities are proved to take drugs, they will atleast be banned for 5 years in the industry. It is yet to see what happens further.

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