Politics starts In Drug Racket Case

Tollywood drug accuse

Politicians Influence in Drug Raclet Case

politicians drugs case

Around 10 prominent Tollywood personalities questions in the drugs case. They receive notices by the Special Investigation Team (SIT). Many persons from the Telugu film industry identifies having links with the drug racket. They issues notices to appear before the SIT at its office between July 19 and 27. It is very much common seeing politicians entry in all the issues. politicians drugs case influence.

Though initially the police announces 20members in the drug racket case, probably the count now reduced to 12. We see some names deleted in the list. As per the reports the deleted personalities are close relatives of AP and Telangana ministers. As a result, Using their power these Politicians manages to sweep their names of the list. It is also known that the rest of the members are trying to gain politicians influence in the issue.

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