TPFC’s new regulations for Online Streaming giants

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It is not an exaggeration to state that the Online Streaming websites are taking over the theatres these days. So the TPFC has got some new rules to save distributors and to cut down a slack on these online platforms.

All the newly released flicks are getting available from 4 weeks from the day of their release on streaming engines like Amazon, Netflix, JioTv, Zee5 etc these days. One cannot blame these online platforms as producers are the ones who sold the digital rights for whopping prices agreeing to their clauses. But this is affecting the collections of theatres and leading losses to the distributors.

To cut down the loss, the Telugu Film Producers Council who are furious on these sites have come up with a new rule. According to that rule, any streaming site should not release their digital copy of the movie on or before 8 weeks from the day of its release. This rule comes into effect from 1st of April and it proved to be successful as Bollywood is applying the same rule since ages.

Now the producers will rewrite the digital rights contract and ensure that the flick shall not available for the first two months of its release before. This is a good move by the TFPC where the theatre owners and producers can be benefited.


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