“Tragic Suicide of Rajahmundry Techie in Hyderabad


“Tragic Suicide of Rajahmundry Techie in Hyderabad:

In Hyderabad, a tragic incident occurred when a professional, identified as Meda Ramachandra and employed at a multinational corporation, was discovered lifeless in his residence located in Maruti Nagar, under the jurisdiction of the Attapur Police Station in Cyberabad. The police have confirmed that he ended his own life.

While there were widespread speculations suggesting that his suicide might have been prompted by harassment from organizers of online loan applications, the police have suggested that family-related issues could have been the underlying cause. Notably, a selfie video featuring Ramachandra had become widely circulated.

In the video, he expressed the overwhelming burden of his debts and the inability of his family to repay them. He made a poignant request that if any of his organs could be of use, they should be donated, and he implored his parents not to object to this organ donation.

According to Attapur Police Station’s Station House Officer, Puli Yadagiri, preliminary findings indicate that family issues may have been the primary catalyst for the tragic suicide. However, authorities are conducting a comprehensive investigation, considering all aspects, including the alleged harassment by organizers of loan apps. Ramachandra, originally from Rajahmundry, Andhra Pradesh, had been married for nine months.

Unfortunately, three months ago, due to certain issues, his wife, who was a distant relative, left her parents, leaving him alone in the flat. Recent inquiries also revealed that he had recently switched jobs. On Friday, the flat’s owner grew concerned when Ramachandra did not emerge from his flat and subsequently alerted the police.

tragic suicide of rajahmundry techie in hyderabad
Tragic Suicide of Rajahmundry Techie in Hyderabad

When the police entered the flat, they discovered his lifeless body. His parents, who reside in Rajahmundry, have been informed about his tragic passing, and a case has been registered at Attapur Police Station for further investigation.

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