Trailer’s Show On 15th August

Trailer's Show On 15th August

Aravinda Sametha Veera Raghava:

The most awaited film in Telugu, Jr.NTR and Trivikram combo ‘Aravind Sametha Veera Raghava” movie trailer ready to crack the YouTube on 15th August. Its second look also released to alert about the trailer. this movie’s leaks went viral on social media. For the first leak, they took care about leaks and avoid the mobiles and cameras into the sets. But, second time also pics have leaked out. “This is a very unfair thing that leaks the pictures of the film. Maybe they are the important scenes of the film or maybe the twists of the movie. If a photo released by someone that affects the entire team to feel bad. Whatever goes, it is NTR and Trivikram’s combo and no one can drag the movie into struggles” fans said.


C/O Kancaharapalem:

Although, the realistic story biased film C/O Kancharapalem trailer also ready to come on 15th August. Hero Daggubati Rana proudly presents this movie and he is very eager to release the film. If Rana’s situation is like this, then what about this director Venkatesh Maha. It is his first film and this movie selected for New York Indian Film Festival. Really, it is a very proud moment that a Telugu film finally selected for this film festival. A lot of effort of the director and his team fortunately taken Rana who loves CINEMA. After a long time, after Bommalata movie which won National Award in 2007, he presents this C/O Kancharapalem now. Rana is posting the film-related posts on Twitter and the famous directors of Telugu are speaking about this film.

Finally, one is the fantastic combo and one is the great poetry. So, these both are coming On 15th August as Trailers. Although, C/O Kancahrapalem is release on 7th September and Aravinda Sametha in Dussera time.


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