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Transfer funds via phone without internet

 It is possible to transfer funds via phone in case one does not have an internet connection or it is rather slow. There is no need to depend upon the internet.

In case one feels that there is no Internet connectivity and prefers to have a better and high priority based banking transactions; will such a situation affect on. In case one wants to book one’s favorite movie tickets via the internet but is bogged down by the internet being slow.

One can go in for a different method by sending money for the bank to bank and also book one’s favorite movie tickets without a data connection. NUUP (National Unified USSD Platform) has a rather partnership arrangement with UPI (Unified Payment Interface) and develops a unique method. One can send money without Internet connectivity y simply dialing a particular USSD code. Open a dialer Pad and then type on *99# and this Phone number must indeed be attached to one’s bank account and then one can access this method. The major service that is being offered is in the form of check account balance, money sending, receiving, request for money. For transferring money it does require that the UPI ID who happened to be linked to the bank, Aadhaar number, Account No. + IFSC and send money very easily. Therefore it is possible to transfer funds without an internet connection.

If one were to consider a situation where there happens to be no internet connectivity and one has to go in for higher priority based banking transaction, whether it be booking tickets for one’s favorite movie, paying electricity bills in order to avoid disconnection, or even helping out a friend in need, lack of a proper internet connection that can cause much frustration. To overcome this, NUUP (National Unified USSD Platform) has rather developed a method in partnership with Unified Payments Interface (UPI) that will rather allow one to perform transactions on the go without the need for a stable internet connection by dialing a particular Ussd Code. This is a comfortable way to transfer funds without an internet connection.

Transfer funds via phone without internet

The way to go about it is to open one’s Dialer and then type in *99# from the number that is associated with one’s bank account. After a few seconds, several service request options will indeed appear on the screen. The major services that have been offered are sending, receiving, as well as requesting money. For sending money, the service does allow various choices such as entering a mobile number, UPI ID, Aadhaar number, Account No. + IFSC. Other services do include checking the account balance, setting UPI PIN, changing UPI PIN, and also getting details of the last 5 transactions.

NPCI(National Payments Corporation of India) states that the service can be availed 24*7 and it even works on holidays. To avoid misuse, RBI has rather set a limit of ₹5,000 per transaction which is quite good in my opinion. There are no extra charges from the bank’s end for performing the transactions via this USSD code but according to the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) guidelines, the network provider may charge a certain amount per transaction.

In case of faces problem of poor internet connectivity, then one can try using *99# to for banking transactions. This is a better way to transfer funds without an internet connection.

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