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Trisha cements the bricks for a toilet!

Trisha Participated As Brand Ambassador of UNICEF

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Indians are known for ages, as conservative people, especially when we talk about our society in particular. Whether you talk about issues like pregnancy, sanitation or sex, our people reserve their opinions and hardly open to it. But developed countries are total opposite in these matters. The comparison is not made to degrade ourselves but to convey a healthy message about the environment surrounding us.

Bollywood star hero Akshay Kumar had taken a film on ‘Toilet: Ek Prem Katha’ which got a lot of notice in western countries, even Microsoft Founder Bill Gates mentioned getting inspired by the movie. But our own people ridiculed him, some silly netizens went on to allegate that he did the movie only to appease the ruling BJP government and PM Modi. In spite of all this, we all know the outcome of the movie.

Now, if we come to the recent event, actress Trisha took part in a toilet construction program in a village in Kanchipuram district. She participated in the program as a brand ambassador of UNICEF. She was pictured cementing the bricks of a toilet and talking about the importance of having a toilet. Many came forward extending their appreciation for the inspiring gesture of the actress. Hopefully, many more celebrities join the camp to develop the mindset of people while developing nation.

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