Vice-President fooled by a weight Loss Ad!

Vice-President fooled by a weight Loss Advertisement

Posted December 30, 2017, 12:50 pm at 12:50 

Vice-President fooled by a weight Loss Ad!

We come across many misleading, luring fake advertisements in our everyday life. Many people assume and imagine a lot when they see the commercials on TV or in the newspaper about buying weight-loss pills. When celebrities too join the party and circulate the ad, the chances of public buying them are very high.

Recently, during a debate in Rajya Sabha, Venkaiah Naidu disclosed the fact that how he was fooled by a weight-loss ad. ‘After becoming Vice-President, I came across an Ad which assured weight loss in a certain period. I had paid Rs.1000 for the same. Instead of receiving the delivery, I received a mail informing me that there was another tablet which I should buy for the magical weight loss. I was told the medication will be sent only after the second payment of Rs.1000. This was when I brought the matter to the notice of Consumer Affairs Ministry. In the process of inquiry, it came to light that the company is not based in New Delhi but the USA. Something should be seriously done on such advertisements,’ he said.

Center is seriously looking at putting an end to such misleading fake ads. Looks like the New Bill will bring a huge relief to the consumers who are trapped with the attractive commercials.

Apart from this, people’s discussion had drawn on the other point, as to why the Vice- President needs weight loss pills at this juncture of his life.


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