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Philippines Storm: Death toll rises to 44

Tropical Depression Maring batters the Philippines

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The Country Philippines is pummeled by 20 major storms every year on average, many of them are deadly. The death toll had risen to 44 as mudslides wiped out a mountain village and shrunken another town official said on Saturday. Reports of 19 people dying near the town of Tubod on Friday on Mindanao, the archipelago nation’s second-largest island, where Tropical Storm Tembin released flash floods and mudslides that erased a remote village from the map, told a police officer.

The river rose and most of the homes swept away, the village no longer to be seen. The soldiers, police, and volunteers used shovels to dig through mud and debris to find bodies in Dalama, a farming village of about 2000 people near Tubod. Boulders brought down by flash floods buried around 40 houses in the town of Piagapo, killing at least 10 people. Rescuers though sent are making little progress due to the rocks.

In this natural calamity created, more than 12,000 people have fled their homes, few people went missing. After slicing across Mindanao, Tomblin spread west over the Sulu Sea with gusts of 95 kilometers an hour. This forecast is to smash into the tip of the western island of Palawan late on Saturday, while Tembin struck led than a week after Tropical Storm Kai- Tak devastated the central Philippines, leaving 54 dead and 24 missing.

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