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I’m The First Heroine of Hyderabad- Jamuna

Veteran Actress Jamuna Is The First Heroine Of Hyderabad!

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The greatest competitor to the yesteryear actress Mahanati Savithri is none other than Jamuna. She is born in Hampi and raised in Tenali and Duggirala and she has grown up into a beautiful girl who was advised by none other than Savithri to join the films.

In her recent interview on the TV, the 81-year-old Jamuna shared so many interesting things in her connection with the city Hyderabad. She started her career at the age of 16, to become a heroine through the movie “Puttillu” in the year 1952. She later acted in almost 200 films. Talking about Film Industry in Hyderabad, she stated that she is the first heroine of this city. We all wonder how, so let’s take a look at it.

There is also a famous belief that the Telugu Film Industry moved to Hyderabad big time after Akkineni established Annapurna Studios in the year 1975.But it first came through Sarathi Studios that was established here in 1959. Their first film to be shot here is “Ma Inti Mahalakshmi” and I’m the heroine in the movie, she says. Produced by Gangadhara Rao, she says she acted in another two films pellikani pillars and Jalsarayudu here. So in that way, I’m the first heroine to come to Hyderabad though it was jungle here back then, said Jamuna.

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