TRS-BJP’s Secret Pact And Stunning Deals In Speculations


As the Parliamentary elections are approaching, the Political rumours have been doing rounds in the Indian Political grounds. A recent rumour regarding a secret deal between the Saffron party and TRS is raising eyebrows.The party TRS is always speculated as the hidden friend of BJP according to the Congress supporters and they keep on claiming that BJP is forcing KCR upon its present rival CBN. according to this conspiracy, BJP is directing TRS to have an influence in AP Assembly Elections to defeat the TDP Government at any cost. In turn, the TRS Chief KCR is offered Deputy Prime Minister Post if he becomes successful in dethroning Babu.

Also, TRS should support BJP in the Parliament Elections to extend this deal completely. This theory which is in talks of AP and Telangana Political circles is creating curiosity. On the flip side, BJP is also using YSRCP against TDP to limit Babu to the Opposition.Whatever might be the case, KCR’s political aspirations are seeming to be fulfilled by any cause. If he forms a Political front anti to BJP and AICC, still he has chances to be in Central Politics. Or else he obeys to BJP’s speculated offer, then there is no turning back to this most happening CM of India.


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