TRS Is Not Exceptional For Downplaying Women Leaders: Claims Kavitha

MP Kavitha Comments On Telangana Cabinet

In what may be called as a sensational piece of news, the Telangana CM KCR’s own daughter has found fault with their own party as she took the side of women than her family’s Politics. This ex MP didn’t hesitate to express her anguish for not providing enough balance for women in Politics.

Going into the details, Kavitha addressed a gathering at the Indian School of Business and discussed the topic of women empowerment and gender equality. She stated that no party in India including her father’s TRS is giving equal or minimum chances for women in Politics. Be it the State Assembly where there are four leaders out of 119 in Telangana or no woman in KCR’s cabinet is a clear indication of gender bias in TRS. This Lok Sabha member also explained that despite being the daughter of Telangana’s CM, she failed to get a place in the cabinet. Kavitha claimed that she is still a junior leader and she has no rights to force her dad who is having a vast experience of 40 years. Whatever might be the case, her attitude and guts now become the talking point of National Politics. It is good to see such leaders who express their hearts out without any bias.

The same thing is addressed by the BJP leader Kishan Reddy earlier. He pointed out at KCR’s expanded cabinet list which has no woman minister. Now Kavitha again reiterated the necessity of passing Parliament Bill on providing reservation for women in Assembly and Lok Sabha to ensure the gender equality in Politics. However, the same leader declared that she has no hopes on this bill to get passed in the house.


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