Tuesday, September 21, 2021
HomelatestTRS Leaders Hopes TDP Strengthen

TRS Leaders Hopes TDP Strengthen

TRS Leaders Hopes TDP Strengthen

Whether it may be politics or life, our future is based on Today’s works. Some Telangana leaders those who known the Telangana political face seems to use these words about their party. TRS targetted TDP while they were aggressively participating in the Telangana movement and after the movement also. They had promoted that Chandrababu is the main reason to deny Telangana State. After the TRS victory in the elections also, TRS opposed Chandra Babu Naidu in the name of operation Akarsh. TDP got defeated as expected in the elections and the leaders even don’t have a tendency to believe in TDP has future in Telangana. This became a hope to Congress.

The Telangana state Chief Minister KCR thaught that they don’t have any strong opponent in the state. But everything is not going to happen as they analyzed. In Telangana, Congress has been a strong opponent in spite of much internal strife. Even the people those who stood up for KCR in the Telangana movement also became a strength to the Congress by working with them. Due to all these circumstances has become a hurdle to the TRS party in the peak time of the elections. Therefore TRS leaders hope TDP to be strong in Telangana to get out of all the hurdles.

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