Friday, October 22, 2021
HomelatestAnother Big Jolt To TRS Ahead Of Snap Polls

Another Big Jolt To TRS Ahead Of Snap Polls

As we all know the resignation of Konda Visweshwar Reddy to TRS the other day, here comes another shock to the ruling party in the name of Sanjeeva Rao.Getting into the details, the Vikarabad segment former MLA who belongs to the pink party has finally bid his goodbye to the party citing the injustice and conspiracy done to him. Sanjeeva Rao alleged that the party has shown discrimination towards him by allocating someone else in his segment.In fact, Sanjeeva Rao has waited till the last minute where the nomination closes but the Vikarabad ticket has been confirmed to Methuku Anand.

Depressed by the decision taken by TRS chief, Sanjeeva Rao has finally bid goodbye to the party. He also alleged that Patnam Mahender Reddy was the main reason behind the denial of his ticket. The former MLA further stated that he will be supporting the independent candidate Chandrasekhar from Vikarabad constituency and will work for the defeat of TRS in that constituency.

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