AIADMK, TRS MPs Poured Water On No Confidence Motion:


TRS Not To Support No Confidence Motion Against

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The entire state of AP glued its eyes on Parliament Sessions today to know the recent developments on No Confidence Motion. Guess what, the house ended its day stating ridiculous reasons.

On Friday, the two big parties of Andhra Pradesh TDP and YSRCP passed No Confidence Motion papers on BJP Government to the Speaker. The AIADMK members surrounded the well of Speaker Sumitra Mahajan and made her adjourn the house on that day. Since then, all the media channels and press hyped Monday as the day AP would remember hoping that the act will come into discussions. Finally, the day arrived and the Opposition Party of AP, YSRCP again gave the papers to the Speakers. But the neighborhood state Telangana MPs belong to TRS joined their chorus to the already protesting AIADMK MPs only to make the Speaker frustrated. As a result, the court adjourned twice, once before the lunch and again after the lunch. Political analysts feel that the same thing will be repeated tomorrow without any second doubt even if the YSRCP passes NCM papers again.

To overplay the tactics of BJP, the MPs of AP should hold talks with both AIADMK and TRS in order to limit them to their seats. It’s only when the motion will come into discussions which will help AP in achieving its Special status.

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