Wednesday, September 28, 2022
HomelatestA Big Jolt To TRS Party Before The General Elections?

A Big Jolt To TRS Party Before The General Elections?

As the official election notification has been released the politics in Telangana are giving a much-needed kick to everyone. The ruling party TRS is busy going for the election campaign and on the other hand the grand alliance Mahakutami is trying its best to win the trust of the Telangana people. Though Mahakutami is not led by a strong leader so far but the alliance of different parties is giving the much-needed momentum to it.

It is evident that TRS is going to get a big shock from its home compound before the general elections. As per the latest reports we have, it is known that two of the sitting M.P’s are going to shift their loyalties to Congress anytime in the future. Chevella M.P Visweswara Reddy and Mahabubabad M.P Sitaram Naik are likely to join Congress.

If this really happens, it will definitely be a big blow to the ruling party TRS. While the second survey reports are showing the edge for Mahakutami, the two sitting M.P’s jumping into Congress will definitely impact the ruling party. Have to wait and see how far the ruling party responds regarding this.

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