KCR Is The CM For 15 Years – KTR Predicts

KCR Is The CM For 15 Years

KTR attended the ‘Meet the Press’ event organized by Press Club of Hyderabad on yesterday. In this event, KTR said that Telangana state is growing towards the growth from the past four years with the initiatives taken by the chief minister K Chandrasekhar Rao and the state will gain the immense growth under the leadership of KCR for another 15 years. KTR also listed out the unique programs launched by the Telangana government from past four years to shape the future of Telangana state.

KTR also said that he never thought to become CM of the state and KCR will be the CM for another 15 years and he also added that he is happy with what he is today and he did not want to aspire for more. He also given a prediction that TRS will win in upcoming assembly elections on 7th December and TRS will regain the power after 11th December. KTR also gave a sensational statement that he will quit the politics if TRS failed to win the polls.

This statement is now going viral across media and other social media networks. Really, it is a brave attempt at KTR to give that kind of statement. Because TRS candidates are facing tough situations from the people at their campaigns and it is making difficult for those candidates to continue their campaigns in their constituencies. At another side, Mahakutami is going ahead with the positive vibes from the people because they are looking for the change and depressed with the monarch attitude of KCR.


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