Experts Opinion: TRS Party In AP Is A Bad Idea


The TRS party has scripted a history in the Indian Politics with this magnificent win in the happened snap polls. However, KCR’s future plans in his rival state of Andhra Pradesh have become the talk of AP Political circles.We have witnessed the KCR’s return gift counter to the CBN and the latter’s response to the KCR. In this regard, the Political experts opine that this is indeed a very bad idea of KCR. They are pointing out at CBN’s entry into the Telangana Politics and faced disastrous results at the end as a reason. Not just that, the experts question the sanctity of TRS which opposed the AP projects like Polavaram etc can campaign in Andhra Pradesh against the will of the local people.

TRS set for two-third majority in Telangana

Likewise Polavaram, KCR multiple times created hurdles for the AP State at the Centre during allocation of funds, projects, and packages. Also the second time CM of Telangana despite having craze in AP as a leader will be treated as a villain if he contests in AP State which will benefit the ruling party TDP for the regional feeling. Overall, In AP, KCR would end up like CBN in Telangana.It will be wise if KCR confines to his own State and it’s development programmes while CBN will take care of AP State and its elections. Meanwhile, the Opposition parties like Janasena and YSRCP are curious regarding KCR’s entry into AP Politics.


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