CBN’s First Ever Response On KCR’s Return Gift


The Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu took time amidst his busy schedule to counter his arch-rival KCR on the highly trended Return Gift of KCR. Welcoming the TRS Chief’s decision, CBN made some hot comments and made the news.It is a known thing that KCR in his winning speech trolled CBN by stating that he would give a stunning return gift to the AP CM. By return gift, KCR meant that he would enter the active Politics of AP which will be held in next year.CBN in his recent Press meet wholeheartedly welcomed KCR entering the AP Politics.

TRS set for two-third majority in Telangana

He stated that anyone in India has rights to contest from any place being in the Democracy so KCR can contest from AP with complete rights. On this note, CBN claimed that no one can either threaten nor blackmail TDP in Andhra Pradesh. Citing the example of NTR founding TDP in Hyderabad which is in the region of Telangana and contested from Tirupati in the past, CBN declared his confidence on cornering TRS in AP if at all it enters the AP Politics.Overall, CBN’s retort to KCR became headlines in Andhra Pradesh but apparently, the ball is in KCR’s court as he has won with thumping majority and CBN lead Mahakutami lost severely. One has to wait and see if at all TRS contests in AP for real or not.


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