TRS Trying To Save Its Image In Andhra People’s Heart!


TRS Trying To Save Its Image In Andhra People Heart

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Telangana CM KCR has fans and followers even in Andhra Pradesh. A few months back, when KCR announced the ‘Cattle Scheme’ to Yadav community in Telangana, the people of the community living in Andhra Pradesh celebrated it. Though KCR was initially blamed for bifurcating the state, Andhra people have accepted that and moved on.

Given the recent developments in Lok Sabha, AP people have expressed their outrage on TRS and AIADMK. TRS and AIADMK MPs have been primarily responsible for stalling the house for the past 2 weeks. Things did not change, even though YSRCP and TDP have given notices to move the no-confidence in Lok Sabha.

Realizing that, Andhra people’s perception of TRS is changing, KCR started taking preventive measures. In the Party Parliamentary Board Meeting, KCR asked the MPs to pave way for the implementation of the no-confidence motion in the Lok Sabha. ‘We will support the no-confidence motion. We do not want any wrong signals going to the public’, said TRS MP Jithender Reddy.Even though TRS has agreed to support, the AIADMK is still nowhere bothered about the no-confidence motion.

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