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Sri Reddy Apologizes To Tollywood Seniors

Sri Reddy Says Sorry To Tollywood Senior Actors

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Actress Sri Reddy who has shot to fame, given her controversial comments on Tollywood seniors has come to terms. In her recent interviews on YouTube, she lashed on to Tollywood heroes, heroines, and technicians. She claimed, ‘over 90% people in Tollywood are nothing but brokers and idiots. They treat a woman as a sexual object.

For them, a woman is nothing but an entertainment. Many producers, directors, and even heroes take advantage of an upcoming actress. They ask us to sleep and promise us offers. But after we share the bed with them, they simply ignore us. They don’t lift our calls, nor respond to our messages.Even senior Tollywood actors behave the same way. Every heroine has gone under the knife. She should sleep with the producer to get a good offer’.

Actress Jyothi took to a news channel and confronted Sri Reddy, who was also present at that time. Later, Sri Reddy has conveyed an unconditional apology to all the seniors in Tollywood and stated that she did not want to humiliate them. ‘Those comments are made against those who are cheating woman in the name of offers. Not to everyone. I am extremely sorry’, said the actress in an interview with a TV Channel.Sri Reddy acted in movies like Nachavule, A Film by Aravind, Chandamamalo Amrutham, Golconda High School, Ee Rojullo, and Chammak Challo.

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