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HomelatestTRS will benefit from Assembly Seats Increase!

TRS will benefit from Assembly Seats Increase!

TRS will benefit from Assembly Seats Increase!

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The election fever has already started in the Telugu states. With the 2019 Assembly elections looming, both the ruling parties, TDP in AP and TRS in TS, are busy with their strategies. Chandrababu is already busy with this ‘Akarsh’ program to pull in prominent leaders from other parties into TDP. Meanwhile, the scenario is far different in Telangana. Though one cannot deny the fact that, parties do try to lure other party leaders into their party, TRS has been largely quiet in this aspect. Or at least not as much as TDP and Chandrababu Babu.

Given the recent developments at the Centre, TRS will benefit from Assembly seats increase. The current number of seats in Telangana Assembly is 119. This number is likely to increase to 152. TRS will be benefitting largely from the assembly seat increase, than any other party. Currently, TRS is projected to win 105/119 seats. With the revised assembly seat increase, TRS can bag 135/152 seats.

The upcoming 2019 Assembly Elections in Telangana will not only be a litmus test to the ruling TRS party but also threaten the existence of Congress and TDP in Telangana. With Revanth Reddy stepping in, the Congress has been on high. If Congress doesn’t get a fair share of seats, most likely, it can be wiped out.

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