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HomelatestTTD’s replica to be an attraction of Amaravathi

TTD’s replica to be an attraction of Amaravathi

The AP CM Chandrababu Naidu is not leaving any stone unturned to become Amaravathi, a world-class capital. His new plans to attract cultural lovers and tourists is worth a praise.

AP CM Chandrababu naidu

Along with the topnotch infrastructure, CBN wanted to include the rich culture and heritage of Andhra Pradesh into the construction of the capital. For this, he has directed the TTD Board to prepare plans for the exact replica of Lord Balaji’s Temple in Tirumala. The other day, Chiefs of TTD met the CBN in his Undavalli’s residence and submitted the plans of Tirumala Temple replica. Board members declared that the plans are an amalgam of various architects from the cultures of Pallavas, Kakatiyas, Cholas, and Pandyas. This new replica would be similar to that of its original in the Tirumala Tirupathi but the Board is making changes to the outside Temple walls and its ceiling which is called as Vimana in Sanskrit. Also, the TTD Board claimed that it followed the traditional Technology of Temple Construction called as Aagama Shastra while preparing this plan.


This would be an additional attraction to the new capital of AP. CBN declared that along with this Temple, surplus accommodation for the visitors along with facilities for Boarding and Lodging will be provided. His idea is to make this replica as famous as any other Temples of bifurcated AP.

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